Enabling Closed-Loop Manufacturing in Medical Device and Diagnostic

The changing healthcare landscape poses enormous pressure for medical device manufacturers. The industry is – in itself – highly complex and highly regulated.  Combine these with market dynamics such as an aging global population, drastic increases in chronic diseases, healthcare reimbursement issues, and evolving patient expectations, and it becomes obvious that Medical Device manufacturers must operate with great quality, controlled cost, and high levels of innovation.

The foundation of innovation in the new Medical Device and Diagnostic era must be anchored in intelligent, connected, collaborative systems that accelerate the exchange of information across the entire product lifecycle.

The link below connects to a Siemens whitepaper designed to explore the process and systems innovation that is inevitable for medical device manufacturers ― Closed-Loop Manufacturing.  At the heart of the digital enterprise is this closed-loop manufacturing (CLM), which synchronizes and optimizes product quality and production efficiency across design, engineering and execution. 

Click on this link to access this informative paper, outlining the possibilities – and positive return on investment – of Closed-Loop Manufacturing implementation.