Post 1 in a Series of 6

As we continue to move through 2021, it’s no secret that medical device, diagnostics, and biotech manufacturers are experiencing immense pressure. In addition to Covid-19 impact, the need to rapidly scale production, the introduction of new products, increased customer expectations and customization, communication and organization across multiple globally-located facilities, and increasing regulatory pressure are just some of the challenges facing our industry.

This is a fundamental truth in manufacturing: the efficient delivery of quality products means controlling and enhancing the 5Ms of manufacturing – man, material, machine, method, measure. Understanding these five factors is key in strengthening the production process, ensuring efficiency, reducing waste, and making data-driven decisions.

If you are operating with paper-based processes, knowing whether the 5Ms are in control is nearly impossible in this environment of constant change and increased complexity. Manufacturing errors, lack of visibility, inefficiency, inability to make data-driven decisions, and increased waste are potentially damaging your bottom line, your reputation, and your mission to impact the Life Sciences industry.

The good news is that, while the need to control the 5Ms hasn’t changed, the ability to control them has. Visit our blog posts over the next weeks as we explore the 5Ms of manufacturing and address how current digital solutions are built to control, evaluate, and evolve manufacturing processes. We will discuss each “M” in greater detail and explore how each “M” can be monitored and enhanced through the digitalization of manufacturing. 

We look forward to sharing insight with you and welcome any feedback you have as we move through this blog series!  Stay tuned!