Connected Manufacturing

Seabrook Technology Group are experts in connected manufacturing for medical diagnostics and medical devices.

Revolutionary technology enabling operational excellence for Medical Device Manufacturers

Connected Manufacturing aims to bring a fully integrated approach to medical technologies and manufacturing operations. Connected manufacturing processes are based on industry best practices to power industry leading operations.

Connected Manufacturing is not just a “product” or “service”, but a strategy that eliminates the shoehorning of new functionality into legacy systems. Additionally, connected manufacturing enables the “best of breed” approach that optimizes operations, enhances user experience, and maximizes value returned to the organization.


Connected Manufacturing helps organizations achieve maximum operational efficiency through intelligence, integration and identification. Our three-part strategy provides integrated technology solutions for medical device and diagnostic manufacturing operations.


The intelligence solution of connected manufacturing enables organizations to have integrated applications that interact with Business Intelligence models to drive action based on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Connected manufacturing is designed to use integrated data to drive action, highlight opportunities and transform organizations from reactive to proactive.


Enabling the Real Time Enterprise – The Connected Manufacturing Integration BUS is a platform that enables applications to share data and functionality across the enterprise.


The Connected Manufacturing Unique Device Identification is made simple. The solution was designed with integration-forward mindset. Accessing other enterprise systems is critical to carry the data to complete UDI record set and prevent risks associated with duplicate data entry. The MES labeling solution is compliant, simple and MES ready.


More Details Coming Soon

Connected Manufacturing for MedTech 4.0 will continue to develop into 2020.  Stay tuned to this website or contact us at any time to see how our Connected Manufacturing strategy can help Medical Device Manufacturers of all sizes exceed expectations and achieve operational excellence.

With a reputation built on thirty years of succeeding together with our partners, we are a team of manufacturing technology experts and industry thought leaders bringing end-to-end manufacturing solutions (people, processes, and technology) together to enable operational excellence for medical device manufacturers.

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