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Siemens Opcenter Software Solutions (Formerly Camstar MES)

Siemens Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Manufacturing MES platform is the foundation for top-tier global medical device manufacturers and product innovators. This MES solution enables rapid change, lean manufacturing, consistent quality output, rapid NPI and higher profit margins. Siemens Opcenter Execution integrates with ERP, PLM, SCM, CRM and the shop floor. This MES solution completes the technology infrastructure for medical device manufacturing operations. Seabrook Technology Partners focuses on helping middle market medical device manufactuers to consult, implement, and optimize Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Advantages of Siemens Opcenter MES for Medical Device Manufacturing Companies

  • Replace costly paper and manual processes with self-auditing electronic device history records
  • Eliminate medical device manufacturing errors and ensure compliance by systematically enforcing processes and materials
  • Provide quick visibility into product issues in real-time, and analyse as-manufactured data needed to find root causes
  • Use timely production and quality KPIs to make fast, effective decisions in medical device manufacturing environment

Siemens Opcenter Execution software for medical device manufacturers enables lean manufacturing and the ability to build quality into the process. It allows world class device manufacturers to efficiently build their products with full traceability. 

5Ms of Manufacturing: The Second M: “Material”

5Ms of Manufacturing: The Second M: “Material”

Production pressure has never been more abundant for medical device, diagnostics, and biotech manufacturers.  Among other pressures, regulatory compliance issues, new product demand, Covid-19 fallout, and pressure to innovate are pushing manufacturers into a new...

5Ms of Manufacturing: The First M – “Man (People)”

5Ms of Manufacturing: The First M – “Man (People)”

The good news is that, while the need to control the 5Ms hasn’t changed, the ability to control them has. A fully digitalized process supports a well-trained, efficient workforce, which leads to greater productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and increased company revenue.

Best Practices for Managing a Safe Return to Work

Best Practices for Managing a Safe Return to Work

Guest post by Conor O’Flynn of O’Flynn Medical. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly taken a profound toll on businesses as well as society in general. Thankfully, and due in no small part to the medical profession, we are finally emerging from such doldrums....

Seabrook CEO Featured in Executive Corner Podcast

Seabrook CEO Featured in Executive Corner Podcast

Seabrook Technology Group CEO, William O'Sullivan was recently interviewed for an Executive Corner Podcast. In it, William shares his insight regarding change management throughout the current pandemic and how leaders can address these challenges. Specifically, he and...

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With a reputation built on thirty years of succeeding together with our partners, we are a team of manufacturing technology experts and industry thought leaders bringing end-to-end manufacturing solutions (people, processes, and technology) together to enable operational excellence for medical device and biotech manufacturers.

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