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At Seabrook Technology Group, we enable operational excellence for the Life Sciences, including medical device manufacturers, biotech manufacturers, and pharmaceutical corporations.  At Seabrook, we believe that MES and cloud-based MES are vital to the operational efficiency and success of our partners.  Take a look around to see how we can help you on your connected manufacturing journey!

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Seabrook Technology Group’s MES implementation is the most effective, tailored MES Solution customized to any Life Sciences manufacturing process, including Medical Device, Biotech, and Pharma.

MES Consulting

Deploying a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or MES individual objects into a production environment has risks associated with it. Seabrook Technology Group’s MES Consulting expertise aids the MES Vendor Selection and deployment processes regardless of your size or global status. Let Seabrook help you to mitigate risks in MES implementations and maintenance. Speak to an MES Consultant today!

Siemens Opcenter Consulting

As a trusted Siemens Opcenter (formerly Camstar) Consulting partner, Seabrook Technology Group’s MES Implementation experts help implement tailored MES solutions suited specifically for your manufacturing process. Our manufacturing technology experts make Siemens Opcenter Execution installation easy. Seabrook offers training and guidance in Siemens software implementation use.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Seabrook’s consulting and manufacturing intelligence services enable your organization to effectively manage the high demand for information by creating a high-level Business Intelligence (BI) environment. Manufacturing Intelligence data drives faster and smarter decision making via easily consumable results and reporting.

Connected Manufacturing

 Based on published industry best practices, our aspiration is to lead Medical Device & Diagnostics companies on a Connected Manufacturing revolution.  Connected Manufacturing for MedTech 4.0 is aimed at bringing a fully integrated approach to manufacturing operations management technologies for Medical Device and Biotech Manufacturers.

Upcoming Virtual Events

May 19: Scaling Up Manufacturing While Enforcing FDA Compliance & Quality Assurance

Specifically designed for medical device manufacturers looking to rapidly increase production, this brief presentation discusses the advantages of Manufacturing Execution System implementation, the FDA’s “Case for Quality,” and the utilization of Rapid Implementation Methodology to scale-up production quickly.

June 3: Avoid Paper-Based Compliance

Do you enjoy getting everyone to first agree, then getting them to sign off – even if their signatures aren’t adding value? Does your compliance procedure remind you of the movie, "Office Space?" Do you like chasing sign-offs? Do you enjoy 483s, and spending countless hours to maintain compliance & integrity with the FDA?  Join Compliance Group and Seabrook Technology Group as for this 30 minute Webisode on:
1- Why compliance matters, and 2- how to reduce compliance-related paper and time so that you can focus on product innovation and quality.   

(Webisode, Part II will be on June 24 - stay tuned for details) 

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June 17: Benefits of Paperless Manufacturing for Biotech Manufacturers

This interactive webinar and Q & A session highlights the journey of implementing Paperless Manufacturing. Specifically designed for Biotech Manufacturers, we discuss the benefits that implementing Paperless Manufacturing can bring, including the elimination of DHR errors and the simplification of FDA audits.

Seabrook Technology Group Partner, Cepheid, Receives FDA Authorization to Fight COVID-19.

Well done, Cephied on receiving FDA Authorization for their 45 minute SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19!

Take a look at this video to learn how Cepheid uses technology from Seabrook Technology Group and Siemens MES to rapidly deploy and scale regulated manufacturing execution systems.

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With a reputation built on thirty years of succeeding together with our partners, we are a team of manufacturing technology experts and industry thought leaders bringing end-to-end manufacturing solutions (people, processes, and technology) together to enable operational excellence for medical device and biotech manufacturers.

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