Our Clients

At Seabrook, we value relationship.  As such, we approach manufacturers and organizations as partners in success.  Our team of global experts and industry thought leaders bring End-to-End manufacturing solutions (People, Processes, Technology) together in a harmonized fashion to enable operational excellence for Medical Device Manufacturers.  We are proud partners with the following companies and organizations.

Our Industry-Leading Clients include:

At Seabrook, we pride ourselves in partnering with our customers.
Here’s what they are saying:

“The template Seabrook generated to plan for our upgrade activity was very effective and comprehensive, which helped us to systematically work the issues.”

Zeiss Meditec

Seabrook Client

“Seabrook was a great help in doing the analysis and creating a report that allowed us to execute our software selection and implement our MES through a private cloud-based network.”


Seabrook Client

“We would never have been able to do this on our own without Seabrook.”

MiraVista Diagnostics

Seabrook Client

See the impact Seabrook has made in helping Cepheid transition to paperless manufacturing and achieve its goals.

With a reputation built on thirty years of succeeding together with our partners, we are a team of manufacturing technology experts and industry thought leaders bringing end-to-end manufacturing solutions (people, processes, and technology) together to enable operational excellence for medical device and biotech manufacturers.

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Seabrook Technology Group
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Wilton, Cork T12 DY80, Ireland
+353 21-4800-840

North American Contact:

Seabrook Technology Group
600 Corporation drive, Suite 108
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