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Enabling Closed-Loop Manufacturing in the Medical Device Industry

Siemens presents a whitepaper on the benefits of implementing closed loop manufacturing into the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry.  As a Siemens technology sales partner, Seabrook Technology Group improves customer business processes and manufacturing efficiency by sharing knowledge and supporting operational excellence. Our focus is on the use of modern technology and software for business optimization. This whitepaper is of relevance to those in medical device manufacturing.

Enterprise Intelligence that Drive Operational Excellence

There is so much discussion in the industry about Big Data at this moment in time. Some of it is  myth and hype, and some are real examples of how data can be used to add value to an organization. This whitepaper provides some insight into how organizational data can be used to not only provide value but return huge savings to an organization. Big Data is about turning data into value that organizations can use to lower the costs of goods sold and to improve and optimize processes so they can ultimately save money, provide a better product in the right  quantity, and at the right level of quality to a consumer that is willing to pay for it.  Presented by MES expert, John Dzelme.

Paperless Manufacturing Required to Achieve Operational Excellence Through a Smart Factory

Standards, regulation and greater levels of competitiveness are changing the medical device manufacturing industry.  Further industry drivers include demand for electronic medical records for collaboration and improved patient care. Increasingly stringent standards place a requirement on medical device manufacturers to produce more detailed labeling, dating, use-by dates, sourcing, detailed manufacturing records and accountability – yet, many medical device manufacturer floors are paper-driven. This operation simply cannot compete efficiently and effectively while in compliance with new regulation. This whitepaper will explore how paperless manufacturing can lead to operation excellence through the implementation and investment in a factory of the future.

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Paperless Manufacturing Journey

Webinar series one highlights the journey of implementing Paperless Manufacturing. In it, we discuss the changes that implementing Paperless Manufacturing can bring, and the steps needed to move your MES to the cloud.  Hosted by Seabrook’s resident MES experts.

Enabling Operational Excellence

Seabrook’s second webinar series helps organisations to understand how to enable operational excellence. Covering topics such as paperless manufacturing, document & design controls, and CAPA, this webinar series provides an overview on how to enable operational excellence.

Siemens Opcenter Execution MES
for Medical Device Manufacturers

This webinar is specifically designed for small to medium sized medical device manufacturers. This webinar provides an overview of where MES fits into the SMB landscape. The webinar will begin with an introduction of Siemens Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics MES before discussing the functionality of the software as well as the benefits that Siemens Opcenter brings for small-to-medium Medical Device Manufacturers.

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