Siemens Opcenter Execution Integration Services



As a highly integrated solution, Siemens Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics (formerly Camstar) software can track, monitor and manage just about every manufacturing process, system, operation and function – inside a single facility or multiple facilities – to provide manufacturers with critical and detailed information to effectively and efficiently operate their business.  Seabrook Technology Group has successfully integrated this solution with several software systems to optimize data management across manufacturing organizations.

To gain maximum functionality, Siemens Opcenter Execution should be integrated with other key business IT systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), quality management systems (QMS), and supply chain management (SCM) to enable companies to administer all facets of their operations.

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With Siemens’ use of standard data structure formats, endless possibilities exist for systems integrations.  Seabrook has worked with the most common systems, such as SAP, QAD, and JD Edwards, and has also integrated a wide variety of custom solutions using synchronous and asynchronous methods.

With a reputation built on thirty years of succeeding together with our partners, we are a team of manufacturing technology experts and industry thought leaders bringing end-to-end manufacturing solutions (people, processes, and technology) together to enable operational excellence for medical device and biotech manufacturers.

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